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The No-Bake Cookie Company is based in Bend, Oregon, the lifelong home of  founder, Carol Healy. Both Carol and her husband Tom grew up in the small community located in the heart of Oregon, at the base of the Cascade Mountains.

Our cookie story began nearly 7 years ago, when the last of Carol's 4 children had grown up and left the house. Over the years her passion for cooking and baking had led her to creating cookies and desserts for her family owned market and wedding catering. One of Carol's most requested desserts were her no-bake cookies. Made from scratch, just as her grandmother had, her no-bakes had a following all of their own. As the demand grew, The No-Bake Cookie Company was born.

Today, our no-bake cookies are distributed nation wide in grocery stores, natural food stores, convienence, and coffee shops. We still make our cookies one batch at a time, with the same priority to create premium no-bake cookies with real ingredients. We hope our nostalgic no-bake cookies bring you back home one more time.


Carol Healy

Founder & CEO



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