The No-Bake Cookie Company

From Concept to Cookie. Woman-Owned. Woman-Driven

Our Very Own (Tasty) Throwback.

Born out of our corner store in the heart of Bend, Oregon, The No-Bake Cookie Company delivers nostalgia in every bite. What began as an after-school treat for our own kids grew into a local phenomenon. Before we knew it, we had customers calling to check on our cookie flavor of the day before their visit. So we decided to whip up a few more batches. Our gluten-free no-bake cookie recipes are inspired by the simplicity of 1950s desserts and updated with modern ingredients. With hearty oats, creamy nut butters, cane sugar, fresh milk, and real butter, our no bake cookie ingredients combine for melt-in-your-mouth goodness. From chocolate to peanut butter, coconut macadamia to cafe mocha, our artisan cookie flavors taste just like home.

No-Bake Cookies—Here And Now.

While there are a number of no-bake cookie recipes floating around out theresome of them truly deliciousno other no-bake cookie recipe is quite like ours. Our oat-filled, fudge-like confections evoke fond memories of time shared in the kitchen with loved ones (mixing, measuring, taste-testing—yum), and are part of the reason why we chose to launch the No-Bake Cookie Company in the first place. Today, you can find the creamy-sweet nostalgia of our wholesome no bakes cookies in stores and online throughout the country.

A Peek Into the No-Bake Cookie Future.

At the No-Bake Cookie Company, we talk a lot about nostalgia (as if you couldn't tell), about summoning up the sensory yumminess of a delicious memory and remembering sweet moments when we created goodness with people we love. Be assured, though, our handcrafted No-Bake Cookies are the gluten-free treat of the future. A snacking pleasure that satisfies today and does its part to ensure a wholesome tomorrow. Whether packing a few of our chocolate or peanut butter No-Bake Cookies for your next road trip, grabbing one of our No-Bake Cookie pouches for your pantry, or ordering a few of our limited edition holiday No-Bake Cookies, it makes us smile to know the best no bake cookies around have made their way into your homes, your travels, and your hearts.  


Looking for a no bake cookie that fits seamlessly into your keto lifestyle? The No-Bake Cookie Company is proud to now offer KETO No-Bake Cookies! Our delightful KETO No-Bake Cookies are also naturally gluten-free and just as tasty as our Classic No-Bake Cookies—only with no sugar, preservatives or artificial ingredients to weigh you down. In the No-Bake Cookie Company story, pure and simple deliciousness is a timeless treat. Go ahead and fill your cart with our KETO No-Bake Cookies and Classic No-Bakes today.