FAQ’s About KETO No-Bake Cookies & Classic No-Bake Cookies

What makes KETO No-Bake Cookies KETO?

No-Bake KETO cookies are the low carb cookies of choice for a taste of yesterday fit for today. Varieties include KETO Chocolate Cookies and KETO Peanut Butter Cookies, with 3 net carbs per cookie, and KETO Dark Chocolate-Avocado Cookies, with just 2 net carbs per cookie. Our keto cookies are delicious snack treat choices for a ketogenic diet low in carbs and sugars and rich in healthy fats.

What sweeteners are used in KETO No-Bake Cookies?

Our keto cookies get their delightful taste and texture from a special blend of Allulose, Monk Fruit and Erythritol.

  • Allulose is a low-calorie sugar with the same clean, sweet taste and texture as table sugar. Allulose is often referred to as a "rare sugar" as it is found in small quantities in nature. Unique in its nutrient profile, it shares the typical chemical structure of a carbohydrate, but only contributes a fraction of the calories and does not raise blood sugar levels.
  • Erythritol is a diabetic-friendly and keto-friendly sweetener known as a sugar alcohol, about 70% as sweet as refined sugar. It has 95% fewer calories than sugar, a low glycemic impact, and it doesn't contribute to tooth decay—all the sweetness of sugar without any of the side effects! Plus, it’s non-GMO.
  • Monk Fruit is also known as luo han guo. With a taste that’s similar to sugar and zero calories, this sugar alternative is one of the most wholesome and delicious ingredients for our KETO No-Bake Cookies.

Is Oat Fiber Keto?

As a pure insoluble fiber, oat fiber is 100% keto! It adds zero calories to each of our simple keto cookie recipes.

What Does Keto Mean?

Keto is short for ketogenic. The ketogenic diet (or keto diet) is a low-carb, high-fat diet that puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis. When ketosis occurs, the body becomes much more efficient at burning fat for energy. According to some studies, the keto diet can lead to reductions in blood sugar and insulin levels as well as other health benefits.

Are No-Bake Cookies Gluten Free?

Indeed, our no bake cookies are naturally gluten free! Call ‘em haystack cookies, call ‘em preacher cookies—however you ask for a certified gluten-free treat from The No-Bake Cookie Company, you and your gut will rejoice in the best gluten-free no bake cookie on the planet.

What Does Non-GMO Verified Mean for Our No-Bake and KETO Cookies?

Our Classic No-Bake Cookies and KETO No-Bake Cookies have been certified to uphold the Non-GMO Project Standard, which means each no bake cookie recipe is produced without genetically modified foodstuffs.

FAQ’s About Shipping No-Bake Cookies.

The No-Bake Cookie Company offers nationwide fall, winter and spring shipping, 10/1 – 6/1. We do our best to ship all orders received by 2:00 pm PST the same day. If your package is not guaranteed to arrive by a Friday, we will wait to ship until the following Monday to ensure your No-Bake Cookies do not sit in a shipping warehouse over a weekend.

FAQs About Wholesale No-Bake And KETO Cookies.

Our 8-oz. No-Bake Cookies and KETO Cookie Bakery Tubs have a shelf life of 12 months frozen and 6 weeks ambient, while our NEW shelf-stable Bite Sized Cookies in our 3-oz. package, along with our 7-oz. resealable package, feature a 6-month ambient shelf life. With peggable options and a variety of scrumptious flavors and convenient sizes, retailers can be assured they’re always offering the freshest and best KETO Cookies and Classic No-Bake Cookies to their customers.

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